Threats over Time

We thought it would be interesting to review threats to small businesses as they are now versus roughly 10 years ago.  Or to 2007 at least. According to the National Cybersecurity Institute, these are the top 8 threats that may affect small businesses in 2016: 1. Growth of mobile malware. 2. Data theft from IoT … More Threats over Time

Travlers Beware

Summer is upon us, or if you are in the southern part of the world, winter is coming.  Either way there are generally periods of time in the next couple of months when we will look to do some personal travel.  And this could be on top of the business or official travel we are … More Travlers Beware

APP Model

So April was a rough month on the blogging side – not a lot of commentary going on but here is to starting off May on a good note.  After all Jon Snow has….SPOILER ALERT….oh you probably know already.  In any event, I wanted to focus on our security philosophy at PSG Consulting.  It has been pretty clear over … More APP Model


Security starts with making time.  With threats evolving every day, even the most security conscious organizations need to take time out and assess their security posture.  And those who take a passive approach, or no approach to security, the problem is not going to go away.  All organizations, big or small, need to prioritize security … More Time

Where do we begin?

So the tone of many of our posts is giving you – individuals, or businesses, big and small – with some ideas on implementing security at your level.  Our focus is to demystify security and also alert you to some key issues that everyone faces.  You are not alone.  The challenges you encounter whether in … More Where do we begin?