When was the last time you conducted a security assessment of your organization?  It doesn’t matter if it was an internal assessment or you out-sourced it.  When was it?  When was the last time you reviewed your company’s online footprint?  Did you do an Open Source Intelligence review to see what information attackers could use against you?  If you use third party vendors for certain services, when was the last time you asked them for their security assessments and potential vulnerabilities that might impact your business?

There is no one magic bullet to protecting a business’s critical or confidential information. Instead it is our philosophy to build sustainable programs that create a security conscious work force that prioritizes security over convenience. Every day nation-states, criminals, terrorists, business competitors and computer enthusiasts are looking for vulnerabilities to exploit to their advantage. No one business or sector is excluded from the reach of these attackers. Their motives may differ, but the impact is undeniable. With each attack, a business is likely to experience significant financial costs, lose existing and potential clients, and may face legal repercussions.

As a result, we are advocates for a full-spectrum approach to security through detailed Assessments, enduring Policies, and sustainable Programs (APP Model). Through this approach, it is possible to create an alert and aware workforce and position the business for prioritizing security and protecting their critical information. While this is not a guarantee that a security incident will never happen, it seeks to create the conditions that will reduce the impact to the business and prepare it for long-term success.  And it ultimately prepares the organization to handle the incident that occurs.

Assessments set the tone.  Without this critical assessment of your organization and your security posture, how do you know what vulnerabilities you need to address.  Start today – take a critical view of your organization.



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