APP Model

So April was a rough month on the blogging side – not a lot of commentary going on but here is to starting off May on a good note.  After all Jon Snow has….SPOILER ALERT….oh you probably know already.  In any event, I wanted to focus on our security philosophy at PSG Consulting.  It has been pretty clear over the course of this blog that we focus on empowering companies, big and small, to take security into their hands and providing the tools to help reinforce security as a mindset.  If you are on the outside looking in, security and the threats can be very intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  It takes work and starts with recognition that security needs to be a priority within every organization.

At the heart of it, PSG takes a full spectrum approach to security which builds the foundation for any organization or company.  We have built and implemented the APP model focused on three critical areas.  Assessments, Developing Policies; and Implementing Programs to create and alert and aware, security minded organization or company.

Assessments – this is the foundation for your security program.  At the core, we need to understand everything about your organization in order to assess your current security posture as well as the steps you need to take in order to improve it.  As a result, we believe in a full-spectrum assessment based on the core security elements:

  • Personal Security.  Personal security is not only security that is focused on protecting each individual, but also focused on your Human Resources department and screening potential applicants as well as looking at the Insider Threat potential in your organization.
  • Physical Security.  We assess and evaluate your physical security posture from your parking lot/driveway all the way to your desk.
  • Information Security.  This multi-faceted assessment can review your internal information security posture, as well as evaluating your public-facing websites and platforms that might have vulnerabilities that attackers are looking to exploit.

Policies – we help you set the right security climate and culture by developing tailored policies for your organization.  If you have policies, we will review them and ensure you are addressing the right elements and that there are no loopholes.  Policies are critical to setting the tone, climate, and security culture.

Programs – building off of the assessments and policy development, we help each organization develop security training and awareness programs to ensure you remain on top of the latest issues and vulnerabilities.  These programs also include developing a new or refining an existing security element to oversee and monitor your security posture.

If we focus on those three elements we will take a significant step to understanding out the threat sees us.  And then we will be in a better position to take the next steps.



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