Security starts with making time.  With threats evolving every day, even the most security conscious organizations need to take time out and assess their security posture.  And those who take a passive approach, or no approach to security, the problem is not going to go away.  All organizations, big or small, need to prioritize security and make time to have a discussion.  So what do you do when you don’t have any time?  And what do you do with time that you do get?  Here are some thoughts.

  1. Make time.  Security cannot wait.  The attack surface that exists today is only going to get bigger tomorrow.
  2. Reschedule something else.  If you don’t have time, find something that is taking time that can wait.
  3. Set up recurring time.  If there is one thing we know, the security issue today may not be the same one tomorrow.  Make it a priority to have a recurring time on your calendar to talk security.  Maybe have your security point of contact or designated security officer talk for 5 minutes at the beginning of each staff meeting.
  4. Get creative.  Maybe time is too hard for everyone to sit in the same room.  Maybe make it a chat session, or email thread.
  5. Get the right people involved.  Security involves everyone, or at least involves representatives from everyone.  The boss sets the tone – if they are there, others will be too.
  6. Talk about  real issues and threats to your business.  Not vulnerability is going to apply to you but most may.  Find those and plan a way ahead.
  7. Set milestones.  You can’t cover everything or address everything in one sitting, but identify the issue, assign it to someone, and set milestones for resolution.
  8. Don’t waste time.  Have an agenda.  It’s that simple.  And make sure people know the agenda beforehand so they can be prepared to discuss impacts in their areas.
  9. Start now!

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