Where do we begin?

So the tone of many of our posts is giving you – individuals, or businesses, big and small – with some ideas on implementing security at your level.  Our focus is to demystify security and also alert you to some key issues that everyone faces.  You are not alone.  The challenges you encounter whether in … More Where do we begin?

Dirty Tricks

It’s interesting to see the American political process work.  The race for the president is now a marathon that takes over 2  years.  But it’s when the stakes are the highest that you see the dirty tricks come out.  And this has been repeated by candidates a couple times over.  And it’s not restricted to … More Dirty Tricks

Gate 15

We are proud to announce our association with Gate 15.  Gate 15 provides professional risk management services through their expert delivery and support with specialized capabilities and processes in the area of analytical, operational, and preparedness support services.  We are excited to be part of the team and contribute to their weekly products – the … More Gate 15

Skill Retention

Another article about the growing skills gap and some ways to look at cause and solutions. We have posted about this before and focused a little more on developing a training model for keeping your employees.  But based on this new discussion thread we wanted to follow-up on other elements of retention, specifically climate and … More Skill Retention


How is your company or organization positioned with regards to security?  After receiving some feedback we updated our security survey.  What we wanted to provide is a platform to conduct a basic assessment of your security posture.  How big are you?  What type of policies do you have in place?  What type of training are … More Survey