Home Due Diligence

If you have ever heard advertising for SimpliSafe Home Security, you will hear about two dim-witted crooks who would never dare access a home protected by SimpliSafe.  Well, it’s safe to say, that this will probably change things; even these two crooks could defeat this system now.  The  Hacker News provided more evidence about a … More Home Due Diligence

Focus on the Human Element and Then What?

Are we starting to see more and more evidence of the tide turning on security issues.  No longer is the solution solely network based and focused on external threats.  The trend is to look inward and identify poor behavior that contributes to network issues, and at the insider threats who are actively working against your company. … More Focus on the Human Element and Then What?

Overloaded Can’t Be a Reason Not Too

We have been struggling with this question – when does all the news and alerts about breaches and security vulnerabilities become too much?  At what point do you become numb to the news that another company has compromised your information or that another company lost sensitive information about a new product?  Does that change the … More Overloaded Can’t Be a Reason Not Too


Trying a different approach today.  We don’t know how many official, true blue followers we have out there, and even for those we do, we don’t know how many of those would actually write in to us.  However, if we do and if they did, we imagine this would be what they were like.  So … More Mailbag

Groundhog Day

So it is groundhog day and predicting the weather aside, we should ask if you or your business experiencing groundhog day again and again. Are you stuck in the same cycle of knowing you have vulnerabilities but afraid to address them?  Are you wondering if you put it off one more day that perhaps you … More Groundhog Day