Who is your Rollo Tomasi

There is a great scene from the from the movie LA Confidential in which Ed Exley, one of the lead detectives, asks Detective Jack Vincennes, played wonderfully by Kevin Spacey, for assistance.  The scene continues and Exley explains the reasons he became a police officer.  It’s a great scene and gets to the central question of why we do what we do and how sometimes we get lost along the way.  As an aside, if you haven’t watched LA Confidential then we strongly encourage you to do that because it’s a great movie with great performances.

There is a lot of security information out there.  Breaches happen on a daily basis and it would appear no one is immune.  The news can be overwhelming and the solutions security companies offer you includes everything you may need, except you may not know what you need.

So this is a question for businesses and security professionals: who is your Rollo Tomasi?

For businesses – what drives you?  What makes you want to be the best in your field?  And are you doing all you can to protect your business?  How do you prioritize security?  Where do you need help?  What are your vulnerabilities and what steps are you taking to make security an active part of your workplace environment?

For security professionals, ask yourself, why did you get into the job?  What drives you to provide security solutions?  Are you an active partner in a company’s growth or a passive partner?  Do you want to catch the guys who thought that they could get away with it?  Do you remember why?

The next part of this is geared to thinking like Exley.  He made up the name Rollo Tomasi to provide a name to the unknown.  To give him motivation.  But possibly, he also used the name and built up Rollo to allow him to think like a criminal and to understand why they take actions to cover their tracks.  As security professionals, we have to think like the threat.  We have to understand their tactics and develop creative solutions to protect against it.  We have to know what motivates them in order to understand why they want to target your business, not just for the pearl in your organization that nets the most on the black market but also for the smaller bits of data that you may not even notice that make just as big of an impact.

As a security professional are you thinking like the threat?  Or are you just trying to make a sale?  How versed are you in threat tactics and procedures?

As a business, we talked about identifying and naming your threats.  If you don’t think you have any then you are wrong.  Give them a name.  Maybe you will find Rollo is already inside.

Our passion for protection is what drives PSG Consulting.  We have been active in the security and intelligence fields for over 20 years and have extensive experience protecting some of the most sensitive secrets across the United States.  Protecting your secrets, your critical information is what drives us.  Ensuring you have the information to make informed decisions motives us.  You and your viability is our priority.



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