Small Business Attacks

As reported by SC Magazine last week, a business company in New Hampshire pleaded guilty to hacking into a small business competitor and stealing over 1,000 invoices over the course of eight months.  This is extremely important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Small businesses are targets; you have information others want, even if you don’t think it’s important.  In this particular case, a linen company’s invoices were stolen.  Their critical information IS customer data.  This information could be used in a lot of ways, but in this case, the company develop targeted sales pitches to those clients and take business away.
  2. The company’s “used the same software vendor, web portal, and the companies used the same default passwords”.  Using the same vendor and web portal is not uncommon, especially with small businesses, but what is inexcusable is the use of the same default passwords.  Changing your default passwords is an essential task for any individual and business.  Reference the Top 5.  Make this a priority…now.  It’s not difficult and there are a lot of places you can look to get this changed.  Creating the a unique password is best, but in this case, any created password is a better solution than the default one.

Small businesses are targets, we recognize resources are thin, but every business can improve in some areas.  Know yourself; know that what you have is important to somebody; and take ownership of your security today.


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