More Data

I retweeted this article on Friday but I wanted to follow it up with a longer post because it continues to highlight two critical factors – policy and training.  Both of these have been the subject of previous posts so let’s look at some numbers as pulled from the article. More than half (55%) of cyber … More More Data

SHREDIT Survey Results

This article is definitely worth the read for Small Businesses.  While the sample size was from businesses in the United Kingdom, we would venture that the numbers would be near identical for the US and all over the world. 46% have protocols for disposing of confidential information. 29% provide training on information security processes and policies … More SHREDIT Survey Results

Training Model

So we were interested in the Lack of Skilled Personnel article in Infosecurity Magazine which cited the DomainTools’ 2015 Analytics and Intelligence Survey.  The report has a lot of great information in it and is definitely worth reviewing and assessing how your organization views itself and what areas you need to address. Two areas of the … More Training Model

Types of Policies

Two weeks ago, we discussed implementing security policies.  A quick review – you should ask yourself these things: What are the threats to your business? What are your vulnerabilities? Who is it applicable to?  Short answer is everyone. What do you want to address? Define the policy and the actions. What is the standard and … More Types of Policies