How do you do Security Training

Is security awareness training something you do when you onboard someone?  Is it a one and done routine or do you place it as a priority?  I guess it would depend on how your business does training.  This can be challenging for small businesses where the focus is on building clients, focused on product development and staying one stroke ahead of the shark.  However, this can’t be a limiting factor.  Company wide training, for one person or for 100 people, needs to be a routine.  Carve time away, set it on your schedule and don’t compromise.  And most of all, it starts at the top.  If you lead by example and make time for it then others will follow.

  1. Set up a time.  One hour a week, the first Friday of every month, or quarterly company wide training.  Then lock it in on the calendar and make it clear that everyone’s place of duty during that time is in training.
  2. Delegate responsibility.  Make training an extra duty/responsibility for an employee.  This will give them something to work towards and give you extra ways to evaluate performance.  For the employee, it may also be a place to shine and take on added responsibility; they may embrace the challenge and develop a great program.
  3. Integrate relevant topics and real-world examples.  No one wants to sit through “death by powerpoint”.  Make your training engaging by integrating real world examples.  Consider bringing in guest speakers.  Make it interactive.
  4. Lead by example.  If you have dedicated training time and the boss is out the door or finds a meeting to be at, employees/co-workers aren’t going to take it seriously.  Training starts at the top and security needs to be the tip of spear against threats.

Give it some thought, make it a priority and become one step closer to being alert and aware.


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