Sneakers Revisited

It’s so much fun revisiting old movies and seeing some classic social engineering attempts to bypass security/front desk/receptionists. What do you think?  Are your personnel trained to recognize and respond in kind? As an aside, while the social engineering attempt is proven to be very successful, we can’t verity for the ability to defeat the … More Sneakers Revisited


When was the last time you conducted a security assessment of your organization?  It doesn’t matter if it was an internal assessment or you out-sourced it.  When was it?  When was the last time you reviewed your company’s online footprint?  Did you do an Open Source Intelligence review to see what information attackers could use … More Assessments

Who are your Threats?

Over the past two weeks we saw the latest example of competitor hacking and the consequences. This time in Major League Baseball.  The question is should we be surprised by this?  Professional sports are wildly competitive and the money is lucrative with many professional franchises valued at over $1 billion (see Forbes Magazine).  With that much … More Who are your Threats?

Where do you go?

Security incidents can happen at any minute.  And the impacts can cripple a company, and perhaps end a small business.  And we all know, or at least recognize that sticking our head in the sand will not make it go away.  So how to you prepare for the eventual? Identify a security team or individual.  Most … More Where do you go?


Seems like every week there is a new type of phishing attack.  Whether it’s the one that looks like it came from your CEO, or the new one where they inform you that you overpaid for services.  These new spins on a classic attack all keep phishing relevant and at the forefront of our minds. … More Phishing